Saturday, April 02, 2016

My Thoughts on Doctor Zhivago

I recently watched Doctor Zhivago. It was a film my parents had seen a couple of times before. (Mom has definite thoughts on Omar Sharif. In fact, for years, that's all I've ever heard about this movie. I must admit she was right about him.) I had not seen it before. While mini-reviews for the Period Drama challenge are okay for films I've seen a dozen or so times, I wanted to be sure to capture my thoughts on this new-to-me film.

Omar Sharif. I have to say that he made this movie very watchable! He's probably a good reason why this movie is a classic.

Julie Christie as Lara worked for me more than I initially thought it would. The only other movie I've seen with her is Fahrenheit 451. That movie did not work for all.

Alec Guinness plays Yuri Zhivago's half brother. I associate him with Star Wars so much, it was nice to see him in something else, and a bit younger looking too.

The music composed and conducted by Maurice Jarre. I love, love, love the music in this one! It definitely helped me persuade me that yes, I was liking this movie.

The story and content. Doctor Zhivago is intense drama, in a way. Its set during a violent, turbulent, bloody, cruel, horrifying period of Russian history. It focuses on two people: Lara and Doctor Zhivago mainly. For being a movie about a married man falling in love with a married woman, it was surprisingly tasteful. (As tasteful as it could be. It could have always been a lot worse.)  I am assuming the fact that it was 1965 has a little something to do with that. 

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Stevalia said...

I have not seen Doctor Zhivago 1965 only the recent one with Keira Knightley, which was amazing.