Saturday, April 16, 2016

My Thoughts on Lark Rise, Season 3

My thoughts on season one and two. I think in some ways, season three may just be my favorite season. I haven't rewatched season four, so I suppose I might always change my mind. But. I love, love, love this third season. Fewer 'new' characters are introduced, and more time is spent on characters in both Lark Rise and Candleford.

The one 'new' character introduced is Laura's new love interest, a journalist named Daniel. None of Laura's love-interests have been perfect or perfect for her, in my opinion. And Daniel doesn't make the best first impression. In fact, he HURTS so many people...and yet...he sticks around to try to make things right and reconcile relationships.

One of the main characters of the show becomes Alf Arless. That is probably one of the main reasons that this third season seems so very right. For me, the biggest highlight of the season is the developing romance between Alf and Minnie :) I adore them together. I really do.

Ruby and Pearl. A lot of season three focuses in on these sisters. Ruby has begun corresponding with a man in Pontefract...falling in love with a stranger....and her sister is struggling with bills and bill collectors. A lot of drama and tension and stress...and the sisters really show a lot of vulnerability and complexity. Friendships are strengthened as weaknesses and secrets come to light...

One "cute" thing is that Ruby gets Minnie addicted to sensational serial dramas.

Lady Adelaide returns for the seventh episode. No, Sir Timothy, unfortunately. But the "St. George" play is surprisingly fun...

The final three episodes are a bit messy--dramatically speaking--as Laura "wrestles" with her heart as to which man she belongs with--Fisher or Daniel, Daniel or Fisher. But there's also some drama about the future of the post office....

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Christina T said...

I loved this show though I did really miss Brendan Coyle when he left to go do that "other show"--at the time I watched I had yet to see Downton Abbey so I quickly forgave him when I saw it! :)

I admit that I liked Fisher more than Daniel. I don't know why. He wouldn't have been a good fit for Laura. I was glad to see Alf and Minnie get together and I really started to like Ruby more as she stepped out of Pearl's shadow in this season.

Season 4 is probably my least favorite. I do need to rewatch these. I always wished that somehow Miss Lane and Timothy would end up together though that meant Adelaide would need to kick the bucket.