Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Top Ten Ramona Moments

To celebrate Beverly Cleary's 100th birthday, I thought I would share my top ten Ramona moments.

10. "Ramona Sits" from Ramona's World
Ramona cat-sits Daisy's cat. It is NOT a fun week. Seven days feels like forever. Especially when her Mom leaves her in charge of Roberta too--for a whole FIFTEEN MINUTES.
9. "Ramona's New Pajamas" from Ramona and Her Mother 
Ramona loves, loves, loves her new pajamas. But is it a good idea to wear pajamas under your clothes and go to school?! 
8. "Owl Trouble" and "Parents' Night" from Ramona the Brave
Poor Ramona! Susan and Ramona have ISSUES over their owls at art time. I feel for Ramona in this situation. The owl-drama continues. And Ramona writes the sweetest heart-felt note to her mom. COME HERE MOTHER. COME HERE TO ME. This chapter is just one reason why I love, love, love Cleary's writing. She KNOWS what it feels like to be a kid.
7. "The Quimbys' Quarrel" and "The Extra-good Sunday" from Ramona Quimby, Age 8
Ramona and Beezus complain about eating TONGUE. And the parents decide to punish them. Beezus and Ramona do not get out of their punishment: cooking a meal for the family. What do Ramona and Beezus know how to cook, or to cook well? It will be an experiment for sure.

6. "Ramona's Great Day" from Ramona the Pest
Ramona's first day of morning kindergarten. Her teacher is Miss Binney. The days has its ups and downs. But Ramona by the end of the day feels good about this thing called school. But will it last?! This is the chapter where Ramona asks Miss Binney HOW DID MIKE MULLIGAN GO TO THE BATHROOM?! 
6. "Supernuisance" "The Patient" and "The Book Report" from Ramona Quimby Age 8
Ramona gets sick at school and throws up in front of the class. She's so embarrassed. Her mom stays home to take care of her when she's sick. Ramona gets a homework assignment: a book report. Ramona has to read The LEFT BEHIND CAT for a book report, but, she doesn't like it. How to make the review entertaining? How about doing her report like a commercial? This is a funny chapter!
5.  "Beezus and Her Little Sister." from Beezus and Ramona
Ramona LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to have The Littlest Steam Shovel read to her. Her parents are unwilling to read it to her--they have come to have no tolerance for it. But Beezus, well, she'll read it to Ramona, not that she likes it, but, she'll give in now and then. She gets the idea to take Ramona to the library to get a brand new book--for two weeks. Ramona picks a new book, but, it is still about steam shovels. She likes it so much, that she does something NAUGHTY so she can keep it for always. What will Beezus do since it was checked out on her card? Just how sympathetic will the librarian be?
4. "Slacks for Ella Funt" from Ramona and Her Mother
What's the Quimby household like on a Saturday? Well, on this particular Saturday, it's an interesting one. Ramona wants to have a sewing project like Beezus and her mom. She decides that she will make her elephant a pair of pants. Does it go well? Not really. Could she have successfully made a skirt for her elephant? Most likely without any trouble. But stubborn Ramona wanted PANTS. When it doesn't end well, she gets upset, which leads to her doing something very naughty with a tube of toothpaste!
3. "The Sheep Suit" and "Ramona and the Three Wise Persons" from Ramona and Her Father
Christmas is a coming. Ramona wants to be a sheep. She volunteers her mom to make her a costume. (At least she didn't volunteer her mom to make all three costumes! So it could always be worse!) But will her mom have time to make the costume?! It doesn't look like it! Will Ramona get to be a sheep?
Pageant night! Ramona may not be wearing a satisfactory costume, but, will she go on and participate anyway? Three older girls filling in for the wise men may help her out! The book which has had its serious moments ends on a joyful tone.

2. "Ramona Says A Bad Word" from Ramona the Brave
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this chapter. I do. Ramona's had a horrible time of it throughout the whole book, and, she's had enough of it. She breaks down. She lets loose. GUTS. GUTS. GUTS. GUTS. But why is everyone laughing at her?! She wasn't trying to be funny! She was doing some serious venting!!!
1. "Ramona's Engagement" Ring from Ramona the Pest 
 This chapter is probably one of my FAVORITE chapters from the whole series. In this chapter, Ramona has issues with her boots. She doesn't want hand-me-down brown "boy" boots. She wants pretty RED boots that are obvious girl boots. She does get them eventually. But can she use them responsibly?! This is the chapter where Henry Huggins becomes Ramona's hero...much to Davy's relief. It has Ramona joyfully shouting that she WILL MARRY HENRY HUGGINS. She has a worm engagement ring and everything.

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Alex said...

These are great, Becky.

Katie Edwards said...

Oh, I loved the Ramona books, although I don't think I had any of my own; I used to get them out of the library all the time when I was in primary school. My most vivid memory from that series was of Willa Jean pulling tissues out of a box and throwing them everywhere. :D