Friday, January 23, 2009

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1000 Novels Everyone Should Read (Guardian/UK)
Choosing 1000 Novels To Read Before You Die Introduction
Jane Austen
Best Gay Fiction
Pulp Romances
Great Arabic Love Stories
Top 10 Trivia: Hollywood Changes
Love, part one
Love, part two
Love, part three
Agatha Christie
Modern Hardboiled Crime
The Best Spy Fiction
Arthur Conan Doyle
Michael Dibdin
Unusual Detectives
Top 10 Trivia: Most Frequently Stolen Books
Crime, part one
Crime, part two
Crime, part three
Best Comedies about Class
Best American Comic Novels
Georges Perec
Best Serious Comedies
Muriel Spark
PG Wodehouse
Top Ten Trivia: Rejected titles
Comedy, part One
Comedy, part Two
Comedy, part Three
Comedy, part Four
Best Existentialist Fiction
Best Stream of Consciousness Novels
Best Graphic Novels
Best Novels About Madness
Novels by Lesser Known Relatives
Family and Self, part one
Family and Self, part two
Family and Self, part three
Emile Zola
Chinua Achebe
Modern Britain
Best British New Wave Novels
Top 10 Trivia: Novel-Writing Politicians
State of the Nation
State of the Nation, part two
Station of the Nation, part three
The Best of JG Ballard
The Best Gothic Novels
Imagined Worlds
Radical Reading
The Best Dystopias
Top 10 Trivia: Novels That Predicted the Future
Science Fiction & Fantasy, part one
Science Fiction & Fantasy, part two
Science Fiction & Fantasy, part three
The Best Road Novels
The Best of Tintin
The Best Novels about warfare
The Best of WG Sebald
Top Ten Trivia: Lost Manuscripts
War and Travel, part one
War and Travel, part three
War and Travel, part two
The Definitive List

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