Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Salon: Reading, Read, To Read #4

What I read in a previous week, but reviewed this week:
Clementine's Letter by Sara Pennypacker. 2008. Hyperion. 150. (Children's/Chapter Book/J Realistic Fiction)
The ABC's of Kissing Boys by Tina Ferraro. 2009. (Jan 2009) 215 pages. Random House (YA Fiction/YA Romance/YA Realistic Fiction)

What I read this past week and reviewed:
Starry Rift: An Original Science Fiction Anthology. Edited by Jonathan Strahan. 2008. Viking. 530 pages. (YA Science Fiction/Short Stories)
The Heretic Queen by Michelle Moran. (2008) Crown Publishing. 380. (Adult/Historical Fiction/Historical Romance)
Thank You, God! Illustrated by Sophie Allsopp. 2009. (Jan 2009) Simon & Schuster (Children's/Christian/Picture Book)
Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve. 2003. HarperCollins. 310. (YA Science Fiction/Dystopia)
My First Garden. 2009. Simon & Schuster (Little Simon/Little Green Books/Board Books)
Courtship of the Vicar's Daughter by Lawana Blackwell. 2007. 416 pages (Adult/Christian/Historical/Romance)
Predator's Gold by Philip Reeve. 2003. HarperCollins. 325 pages. (YA Science Fiction/Dystopia)
Because I Am Furniture by Thalia Chaltas. 2009 (April 2009). Viking. 356 pages. (YA Realistic Fiction/Verse Novel)
Emma by Jane Austen. 1815. Bantam Classics. (Adult/Classics/Romance) 446 pages.
The King's Rose by Alisa M. Libby. 2009. (March 2009). (YA Historical Fiction/YA Romance) 296 pages. Dutton.
Fanny Hill by John Cleland. Wordsworth Classics. 1749. (Adult--Extremely Adult--that's all I have to say about it) 176 pages

What I read this past week but haven't reviewed yet:
Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before by David Yoo. (2008) 374. Hyperion. (YA Realistic Fiction/YA Romance)

What I'm currently reading:
Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes
Dune by Frank Herbert
Internal Devices by Philip Reeve (#3 in The Hungry City Chronicles)
Old Friends and New Fancies by Sybil G. Brinton

Completely Off Topic, today is the ONE WEEK anniversary of my obsession with Mamma Mia. 4 times and counting!!! Last Sunday, I watched it for the first time and just fell in love with it!!! Anyway, enough with the exclamation points already :)

Today is the last Sunday in January, look for my post about my favorite first sentences next Saturday. I'm looking forward to compiling them.

And tomorrow is the BIG DAY--a day that some of us patiently and sometimes impatiently anticipate for much of the year--the announcement of ALA's big awards: the Newbery, the Caldecott, the Printz, etc. There are lots of teeny awards buried in there as well. But those are the three that most have heard of....I don't have any predictions necessarily...but I'm always curious to see if it will be a book I've read...and hopefully a book I've read and loved. Or if it will be a book I've never even heard of. I'm sure to let you know all my thoughts on that after the big announcement.

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Anonymous said...

I watched Mama Mia for the first time last night. Watched it again this morning as soon as I woke up. LOVE IT!!

Susan said...

You are queen of reading!!!! You must be. How can you read that many in a week? It's been a sad weekend for me, I've barely cracked my book open - which explains the bad mood I'm in tonight! I need to read before going back to work!!
Hope the nominations are good tomorrow.

Kailana said...

How are you liking Dune? I really need to read that book sometime in this century!

Anonymous said...

I'll also be interested in your review of "Dune" - it's one of those books I mean to read; I'll be even more interested, though, in your review of "Old Faces, New Fancies" - it's a Jane Austen "sequel", isn't it? I hope it's good. As ever I'm impressed with the sheer amount of books you have read - but I've also noted that you read a lot of different kinds of books (I do too) - that helps to keep the joy of reading alive, doesn't it?

And I suppose I'll just have to see Mamma Mia! - at least eventually. To my surprise my mother liked it; as for my familiarity with ABBA - well, I'm born in 1971 - in Sweden...Need I say more?:) L.