Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Alibi Junior High (MG)

Logsted, Greg. 2009. Alibi Junior High. Simon & Schuster. 244 pages.

I hate airports. I've been in airports all over the world, but they're basically all the same. Places of painful partings and awkward greetings.

Our hero, Cody Saron, is new to town. His father, an agent for the CIA, has left him in the care of his aunt, Jenny, and for the first time, he'll be attending a real school. He knows plenty of stuff--very smart, very observant--but he doesn't know the basics even of how to survive in junior high. How to interact with kids--both sexes--his own age. How to attend classes without getting in trouble with the teachers and coaches. Whose fault is that? Does Cody have an attitude problem? Or are the teachers seeing what they want to see? The book is from his opinion, and from his perspective at least plenty of the teachers (and principal) are jerks, they just have it in for him no matter what. (It was weird how I was getting the Speak-vibe from this one. The two have little in common. At least on the surface.) Can Cody survive his first year of junior high?

Did I like this one? Mostly. It was enjoyable. A quick and easy read for sure.

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Carrie K. said...

My 11 year old son adored this book - I think it will be a big hit with its target audience. :)