Thursday, October 15, 2009

Umbrella Summer (MG)

Graff, Lisa. 2009. Umbrella Summer. HarperCollins. 235 pages.

If you started to squeeze your brakes right in the middle of heading down Maple Hill, just as you were passing old Mr. Normore's mailbox, you could coast into the bike rack in front of Lippy's Market without making a single tire squeak. That was the fastest way to go, and the most fun too, with the wind whistling past your ears and your stomach getting fluttery and floaty, till you thought maybe you were riding quicker than a rocket.
I didn't do that anymore, though. Now I hopped off my bike at the top of the hill and walked it. It took five times as long but it was lots safer.

No one embraces safety more than Annie. Ever since her brother died, she sees danger everywhere. She's so scared that she could die too--that something awful could happen to her or to her family--that she's afraid to live. Can a few friends (and a new neighbor) help Annie learn to live again? Can Charlotte's Web show her that life is worth living? Can Annie's broken heart be healed with some tender loving care and some good advice?

My heart ached for Annie. So young, so scared, so unsure of everything. Graff created a wonderful character and a compelling story. For me it was just right. It's a book I'd definitely recommend!

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Ceri said...

Aww, bless, this sounds like a sweet story.

Suko said...

I wonder how Charlotte's Web comes into play. This sounds like a wonderful book.