Monday, October 05, 2009

Killing Frost (YA)

Marsden, John. 1995. A Killing Frost. 275 pages.

Sometimes I think I'd rather be frightened than bored. At least when you're frightened you know you're alive.

This is the third in the series. (The first being Tomorrow, When the War Began and the second being The Dead of Night.) What can I really say about this one? Is it just as action-packed and intense as the others? Yes. Is Ellie's world still crumbling around her? Mostly. The fact that Ellie and her friends are adapting doesn't mean that things aren't still changing. That new dangers aren't always popping up. And emotionally speaking, some things are just now being absorbed. Does it go places the other two didn't? I'd say yes to that as well. As Ellie, our narrator, and her remaining friends increase in determination and strength, so do their tactics for sabotage. What they pull off in this one is their biggest effort yet. Danger. Risks. Consequences. Everything is still life-or-death in this series.

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Nina said...

Quess I have to read the first two, before I can comment. :) But the cover looks great.