Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Behind the Scenes...

March is starting off to be quite structured which is completely foreign to me I admit. Here's what my March is looking like so far. Each day, I'm reading some Sense & Sensibility for Becky's Online Reading Group, some I, Claudius for Bookshelves of Doom, some London by Edward Rutherfurd for Favorite PASTimes, some Seuss for Celebrate the Author, all on top of reading 2008 books for my personal challenge of reading 28 2008 books in the month of March. You can imagine, I'm quite busy. I've never been in the process of reading so many books all at once. It's strange. But it's good. I'm not regretting any of my commitments.

In addition...I'm trying to read American Gods online.

For those following the news, Neil Gaiman's book, American Gods, will be yours to read free online for an entire month.


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