Thursday, March 13, 2008

Things I'm Excited About

All random. Feel free to share what you're excited about these days in the comments or in your own post. I started this simply because there were so many small things going on and none of them merited a post all their own.

So in no particular order...

It is almost time for the March Bookworms Carnival. Shamelessly cut and pasted from Dewey. Here's a reminder for all of us:

It’s almost your last chance to submit a post for the March Bookworms Carnival; the deadline is tomorrow (Friday).

This month’s carnival is being hosted by Myrthe, and the theme is Women in Literature.

You can email your link to Myrthe at armenianodar [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Myrthe says:

It can be a review of a book by a female author, a review of a book in which the main character is female, it can be a non-review type post in which you discuss a topic relevant to the theme, a post with your favorite female authors or book-characters. Or something completely different.

I'm excited that next week I get to spend one whole day with my sister! I'm excited to finally get the chance to share the glory of Sesame Street: Old School: Volume 2. I'm hoping that she'll love it as much as I have.

I'm excited that next Saturday (not this Saturday but next) that I'll be going with my family to see The Sound of Music at my town's local theatre. It's something I've been counting down for quite a while now--many many many months of waiting! (Thanks Julie for the Christmas present!!!)

I'm excited that it is almost time for Dancing With The Stars to start again. Monday nights have been slowish to say the least.

I'm excited that I have discovered a new TV show, New Amsterdam. (You can watch the show online in several places. Fox On Demand. Hulu. There are probably several other places as well. But those two I'm familiar with.) But at the same time I'm afraid to get too committed--too excited--because they could very well cancel the series and that will be the end of it. I hate it when shows you're just beginning to like, just beginning to enjoy and make a part of your routine, get cancelled. I hate it when shows that you don't like, that you wouldn't watch unless someone was paying you big bucks and even then it would be a close call keep getting renewed.

I'm excited that it's almost time for Carl's Once Upon A Time II challenge. (March 21rst I've heard.)

I'm excited about the Spring Reading Thing challenge. Last year that was my very first reading challenge. (The Once Upon A Time Challenge was my second).

I'm still excited about last week's release of 101 Dalmatians. I love, love, love that movie. I'm looking forward to watching Enchanted as well if I can convince a certain someone to buy it! We'll just have to wait and see how that goes.

I'm excited that my mom finished the quilt top for my friend's baby. See a slideshow here.

I'm excited that this week has been a fairly good week for books coming. The 13th Reality by James Dashner just to name one.

I'm excited that there is actually more than one participant in March's book club. (Becky's Online Reading Group.) I'm really looking forward to April and May. In April the books are Speak and Looking for Alaska. IN May the book is Life As We Knew It.


Nan said...

I love your enthusiasm, Becky!!

Megan said...

I am really enjoying New Amsterdam as well!

Debi said...

What a fun, happy post, Becky! Just left me smiling!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for promoting the Carnival, Becky!
Your post made me smile on a rainy Saturday morning! (And I don't mean the Carnival part! :-P )