Monday, March 31, 2008

Nonfiction Monday: One Tiny Turtle

Loggerhead turtle, here is your life! Perhaps I've been watching my Sesame Street Old School too much. But that is the image that came to mind when I read Nicola Davies' picture book One Tiny Turtle.

Originally published in 2001, it has recently been republished and repackaged. It now includes a read along CD with music and facts.

One Tiny Turtle is a simple (yet fact-filled) story of the life cycle of a loggerhead turtle, just one of seven species of sea turtles. The text is by Nicola Davies. The illustrations are by Jane Chapman. The text begins simply but eloquently, "Far, far out to sea, land is only a memory, and empty sky touches the water. Just beneath the surface is a tangle of weed and driftwood where tiny creatures cling. This is the nursery of a sea turtle."

The book is beautiful and fact-filled. I'm not an expert on turtles by any means, but the reviews of this one seem good.

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Dewey said...

Ahhhh! That turtle is the cutest thing ever!