Monday, March 24, 2008

Nonfiction Monday: What To Do About Alice?

Kerley, Barbara. 2008. What To Do About Alice? How Alice Roosevelt broke the rules, charmed the world, and drove her father Teddy crazy!

Isn't that a great subtitle? I think so. Anyway, on to the book. I just loved What to Do About Alice by Barbara Kerley. Though I had not heard of Alice Roosevelt before, I soon became charmed by this picture book biography. "Theodore Roosevelt had a small problem. Her name was Alice. . . Alice Lee Roosevelt was hungry to go places, meet people, do things! Father called it "running riot." Alice called it "eating up the world." Alice is a spunky, curious, vivacious girl who never outgrows her appetite for fun. No matter where the Roosevelts lived--what her father's job was--her quest to have fun, to learn about the world, to live her life to the fullest continued no matter how many reprimands she was given. The illustrations by Edwin Fotheringham are wonderful. Very fun. They match the spunkiness of our heroine perfectly. This is definitely one I'm recommending.

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Alix said...

This sounds an absolutely lovely book. I love the quite "eating up the world" we should all do that more!