Sunday, March 02, 2008

Generally Speaking...Fast Forward to April and May

Life As We Knew It is officially the book-of-the-month at Becky's Online Reading Group for the month of May. I'll be posting the schedule for that one a bit closer to time. I'll probably post it several times between now and then.

But I wanted to announce the books-of-the-month for April. Yes, books plural. First, we'll read Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Second, we'll read Looking For Alaska by John Green. I will go ahead and post those schedules here. (Mostly so I don't lose them amongst the stuff scattered on my desktop). I didn't plan it this way, but both Speak and Looking For Alaska lack traditional chapters. This means that the schedule below may appear more confusing than it actually is. Speak is divided into four sections, "marking periods." Looking for Alaska is divided into two sections, "before" and "after."

I've decided to divide both books into four sections or discussion days. This leaves 'extra' days to get the reading done. (Previously, there have been three discussion days in a given week. Now for these books at least, there are only two discussion days per week. The sections may be a bit longer, but there is more time given between discussion days.) I'm using the hardback copies of both books, so page numbers will vary.

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Wednesday, April 2nd; First Marking Period; Roughly 3-46
Monday, April 7th; Second Marking Period; Roughly 49-92
Friday, April 11th; Third Marking Period; Roughly 95-137
Wednesday, April 16th; Fourth Marking Period; Roughly 141-198

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Monday, April 21rst one hundred and thirty-six days before - one hundred and nine days before (roughly 3-50)
Friday, April 25th one hundred and one days before - the last day (roughly 51-133)
Wednesday, April 30th; the day after - twenty-seven days after (roughly 137-182
Friday, May 2nd; twenty-eight days later - end (roughly 182 - 221 unless you read the author's note in which case it would be 182-225)


Melissa said...

YAY! A reason to finally read Looking for Alaska (and Speak. I can do that one, too...)! Looking forward to it.

Dewey said...

I absolutely loved both those books. And I have posts about both, if you're interested in my take on them after you read them. :) Have fun!