Monday, March 10, 2008

Dragons of Blueland

Gannett, Ruth Stiles. 1951. The Dragons of Blueland.

The Dragons of Blueland was originally published in 1951. This book concludes the trilogy started with My Father's Dragon. The second book, Elmer and the Dragon, ends with Elmer's safe arrival back home. The Dragons of Blueland opens with Boris wondering what to do, where to go next. He's still got to make his getaway from the humans. (After all, people still think dragons are extinct; and it's best that they keep on thinking that way as far as Boris is concerned. The idea of being captured or put in a zoo not being pleasant.) He decides to go on a quest to find his family. And it is on this quest that he discovers that his family needs him to rescue them. And he also discovers that he needs Elmer in order to rescue them. So there you have it. Despite their separation, these two always find a way to have more adventures. This novel is better, I feel, than the second novel. But still not quite as wonderful as the first in the series. It is an enjoyable read nonetheless.

96 pages.
First sentence: Over the harbor, past the lighthouse, away from Nevergreen City flew the happy baby dragon.

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