Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PB & J Challenge

I love reading picture books. I love reading "j" books. (J being Juvenile.) If you do too then you might want to join me for the PB & J Challenge. This "challenge" is to just incorporate the good stuff into your reading lifestyle. It's for all ages. It would be a great challenge for parents or grandparents, a place to discuss the books you read with your kids or grandkids. (Or if you're an aunt or uncle, those books shared with your "favorite" niece or nephew.) But kids are not a requirement by any means. All are welcome. All book lovers are welcome that is!

Sometimes I feel I don't read enough of "the good stuff." Meaning I get subtracted by other reading and forget how much fun it is to just sit back and enjoy this type of book. Picture books. There are all sorts of picture books. Picture books for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, as well as school-aged children. And "j" literature can incorporate read aloud classics like Winnie the Pooh as well as early readers and chapter books both old and new.

I created PB & J so I could 'challenge' myself to read more steadily in this genre. I would love some company!

Is it a traditional challenge? Yes and no. If you want to set a goal for yourself then yes it can be a traditional challenge. 12 picture books and 4 kids books (j fic) in three months or six months or whatever. But if you want to look at it as an ongoing, perpetual "challenge" then you may do that as well!

I'd love to set a goal of reading twelve picture books a month. I don't know that I can do it. But I'm hoping that if I make it a "challenge" I can.


Somer said...

This sounds fun! I'm in! I adore picture books so much.

Debi said...

PB & J...how cute is that?!! I'm sure I won't be able to resist this. I love reading PBs! And I'm already using your Celebrate the Author challenge to read Js. Great idea, Becky!

mariel said...

I used to be a children's bookseller and my favourite time of the week was our sales rep visits...especially the ones who brought new picture books with them! Some of them would even send me stuff because they know how much I love them! I even started a toddlers storytime, partly for them, and partly for my own satisfaction of reading pbs out loud!!!

Fabulous idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this sounds like a wonderful challenge. PB & J...I think I'll start offering children's book in my free book site. I didn't think of it.

Kim said...

great idea--count me in!

Penny said...

Great Idea! I was just looking for any children's book blogs/challenges, as I am constantly reading to my wee ones. I could hardly find any. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is reading! :)

Book Dragon said...

I "lost" the sign up form. I'm in! I cheated and started my list from January and I plan on reading all the PB in the house!

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