Monday, April 14, 2008

Ramona and Her Mother

Cleary, Beverly. 1979. Ramona and Her Mother.

Ramona and Her Mother follows Ramona and Her Father. The previous book closes with the Quimby family celebrating Christmas. Ramona and Her Mother opens shortly thereafter. Ramona is still in second grade. Beezus is still in seventh. Mr. Quimby, however, is newly employed. Not happily newly employed, but employed nevertheless. His job is at the super market. It's quite understandable how doing check out isn't the career-fulfilling job of his dreams.

Ramona has grown and matured since we first met her. But trouble does still have a way in finding her. Some of my favorite episodes in this book is Ramona giving Willa Jean a box of kleenex to occupy her while the grown-ups visit. She joyfully pulls out the whole box one by one and does a little dance. Another highlight is Ramona going to school in her pajamas with her regular clothes on the outside of course.

The Quimby family is great, and I really am enjoying getting reacquainted after all these years!

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