Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Passing on the Gold Card...

Chris passed this along to me. And as I always love these types of things, I'll pass it along.

Chris' blog Stuff As Dreams Are Made On is great. If you don't keep up with it, you really really should. One of the reasons he's so wonderful (besides all the OSC bonding) is the fact that he always takes the time to chat in the comments. Not all bloggers do, you know. Plus, I've found many great books on his site. :)

Dewey's blog Hidden Side of A Leaf is great. She just celebrated (last weekend) her first blogiversary. I have a hard time remembering when I didn't read her blog. Seriously. I must have stumbled onto it within a few weeks. Even if I don't comment on every post, Dewey, I do read it religiously. :) Dewey is great because she is the founder of the Bookworms Carnival. She's also the creator of the 24 Hour Readathon. She has a great post up this week on why we read.

Another blog I read religiously is Book Nut. Melissa is so my kind of person. I think we'd get along great. Our taste isn't always in sync perfectly. But pretty darn close. I love her blog because she is honest and funny and so straight forward. She's the kind of reviewer where even if you're not interested in reading the book in question, you're hooked to reading her take on the book. :) (If that makes any crazy kind of sense).

Wendy is a great blogger/moderator. She is the genius behind A Novel Challenge. Some people (who will remain nameless) blame me for tempting you all with these challenges. I'm only partly to blame. Yes, I created more than my fair share (I think I'm up to hosting ten now) of challenges. But it is Wendy who brought the others to my attention--mostly. The yahoo group is fun too.

J. Scott Savage's blog Find Your Magic is a relatively new-to-me but oh-so-fabulous blog. He's currently asking people to name their favorite fantasy series. So definitely go visit his blog and leave a comment if fantasy is your thing. :)

Carl. What can I say about Carl??? Really. His posts are always entertaining yet always thoughtful. And he's a great host!!! My goal is to be half as good a host as Carl is for all my challenges. I don't think I'll ever quite live up to him, but it's something to try for!

There are so many others that I love and adore and follow, but I think this is enough for today.


Wendy said...

Aw, thanks, Becky! You made my day :)

Dewey said...

Awww! BFF gold card! We are BBFFs Best blog friends forever. :)

I love these sorts of posts where other bloggers are described and linked to so much that I have no idea why I don't do posts like this myself. It turns out I read all these blogs except one, and I will definitely check that one out.

Blogs where the bloggers chat in the comments are the best. I wish I had time to do that more in my comments. Right now, when I do get the chance, no one seems to notice, but I think that's because people come to know which bloggers do that, and those who don't, well, no one expects it, so if you suddenly do it, they don't notice. I guess you have to build a rep for comment chatting!

Thanks for the compliment. I think your blog is gold, too.