Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The "My Ramona" club

Okay, so this month's edition of the Carnival of Children's Literature is a fun one. (And the deadline to submit is April 25th.)
So The Writer is inviting children's book bloggers to create their own society for their favorite children's book series or author or character. Make up your own fan club! Plan expeditions to author sites, conventions, newsletter, club activities, menus for dinners, secret handshake. Best of all, you are President for Life and you get to wear a big shiny medal on a red ribbon.
Growing up, I loved many books. So I could have gone a variety of ways here. But I choose Ramona. Ramona Quimby one of the most colorful characters ever as far as I'm concerned. Her pestiness knows no bounds--at least not in the beginning--and her enthusiasm for living life to the largest is inspiring. She's a role model (spokesperson) for younger sisters everywhere!!!

So if I were to start a club, it would have to be related to Ramona. Perhaps a club for sisters--Beezus deserves some credit too after all for making the Quimbys such a great family--to join together. Our theme song--because who doesn't love a theme song???--would be "My Ramona" to the tune of My Sharona. Part of every club meeting (until all were agreed) would be trying to think of fun and clever lyrics for the verses.

Other club activities could be reading (and discussing) books. Maybe sharing "commercial" book reviews. (I can't believe I read the whole thing!) Playing checkers perhaps. Riding bicycles. (since tricycles would most likely not be feasible for most members.) Going to the park and playing on the playground. Drawing. Yes, drawing would probably be standard at most meetings. Since Ramona definitely loved getting creative and artsy. There would be arts and crafts. But no smashing other's works--even if they do copy you! For the more aggressive members of the bunch, I suppose smashing bricks might be appealing. Playing dress up perhaps--but beware of dangerous attics. We wouldn't want members falling through the ceiling and showing their underpants. And there would definitely need to be a few parades every year!!!

And of course every meeting would involve a snack. Hardboiled eggs, maybe. (But no cracking them on your head, just in case.) Applesauce. Zwieback bread??? And cake! Of course, it wouldn't have to be Ramona-related. After all, Ramona and Beezus did get into trouble in the kitchen that one time. (And I'm not talking about poor old Bendix). I'm referring to the meal they tried to prepare. The "cornbread" made from cream of wheat and banana yogurt. (Yuck!)

Bunny ears are optional.

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Anonymous said...

I adore the Ramona books I read them all through my childhood!

Kakie said...

Hi Becky, Having a club for sisters, we did that as kids. Sometimes under the willow tree in the back yard in a tent. I really like the trike idea. As a visual, it kind of works for me. Great post!

Warmest regards,
Kakie Fitzsimmons
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Unknown said...

Hi Becky,

Thank you for the information on the Ramona Club. My neice Elizabeth has been wanting to put together a club with her friends. They are all avid readers. I told Elizabeth I would help her put it together and co-host. Thank you for the ideas for club activities. We want to make it as fun as possible while still have structure. Fun and empowerment!

For your club: Elizabeth and her friends just finished a very fun book called, Bitter Tastes, by Author V.B. Rosendahl. It's a modern-day "Nancy Drew". Main character Kathy is a gutsy hirl-hero who isn't afraid to do what she thinks is right. Fun and empowering.