Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Travel the World: Australia: Dreamrider

Jonsberg, Barry. 2008. Dreamrider.

I killed two kids at school today.

Michael Terny is our narrator. He's fat. He doesn't fit in. The other kids are cruel, cruel, cruel. But Michael has a secret. Something only he knows. He has a way of 'getting back' at those that are so mean to him. A secret gift. A secret weapon. He can change reality in his dreams. What he dreams, comes true. Or so he thinks. He's what you might call a lucid dreamer. Someone who has control over what happens in their dreams. He can "heal" or "destroy" as he sees fit.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? A bit too much wishful thinking? Well, you'll just have to see how fantasy and reality blend together in this new book.

It is difficult, in my opinion, to review a book such as this one. I'm afraid that if I say too much, it will "ruin" the book for others. But I'm afraid that if I say too little that I won't be doing the book much justice at all.



It's a book that isn't quite what it seems. Would pair well with Invisible by Pete Hautman.

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Anonymous said...

This was a good book. Hard to understand towards the end.
In the beginning he got bullied, but with the help of his new friends at Millway, and his power to control his dream, he is able to overcome all his issues and stick up for himself. In the end.. HE DIES !