Friday, April 25, 2008


Levine, Gail Carson. 2008. Ever.

I am huge in my Mati's womb, straining her wide tunic. She is Hannu, Akkan goddess of the earth and of pottery. My pado, Arduk, god of agriculture, sits at Hannu's bedside, awaiting my birth. It is too tight in Hannu's belly! I thread my strong wind into her womb, and my strong wind thrusts me flying out. Fortunately, Arduk catches me in his big, gentle hands. Although Hannu lies in bed and Arduk stands holding me, we are also floating above the earth. In the air over volcanic Mount Enshi hovers Enshi Rock. From its center the temple rises: our home, a tower of porous white stone mounted on four stout stone legs. Never has there been such a temple! When my diaper cloth is tied in place, I kick. When I'm lowered into my sleeping basket, I cry. If a blanket is tucked around me, I bellow. I am the god of the winds, and I hate confinement.

Olus, god of wind, immortal son of immortal parents, has a fascination with mortals. Especially one mortal in particular, a young girl named Kezi. She is young. She is beautiful. She weaves and dances beautifully. (That's not to say she dances while she weaves or weaves while she dances.) She also lives in another country, another region from Akkan; she lives in Hyte. The people worship a different god, Admat. Kezi and her family take their beliefs, their worship very seriously. Which is why her father's oath is so daunting. Her mother is sick. Everyone has done everything they possibly could. They've left it all up to Admat. Her father vows to offer up--as human sacrifice--the first person who congratulates him on his wife's recovery--if she recovers that is. She does. And he does. But no one expected Kezi to be involved. No one. His young daughter, his only daughter, a sacrifice to his god? It must be. And yet....

Olus, the god of wind, is there watching, listening. He loves Kezi. How can he stand by and watch his love be sacrificed. He's got to do something. He won't--can't--let her die.

Olus and Kezi's story--their destiny--unfolds in Ever.

I loved this one. Loved, loved, loved it. It is so wonderfully magical. Olus and Kezi are great narrators. And their story is compelling and fascinating. I could not put this one down at all.

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DesLily said...

I love, love, love when a book comes along that we just cannot put down!!

Sarah Miller said...

Love it, too!

Unknown said...

I read a mixed review of this a while ago and decided to let it be for now but you have just changed my mind thanks!

The Bookworm said...

wow, I have to add this to my TBR.

Unknown said...

I've enjoyed several of Levine's other books. I enjoyed your review of this one. Who can resist a good tale of magic and friendship?