Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Which Mom Is Interviewed about Frankenstein

To catch up, this interview is part of Me? Read That?! An ongoing mother-daughter challenge where we dare each other to read books. (I pick what she reads; she picks what I read.) This interview is part of the first round. (Here's my review of Frankenstein. You can see mom had a very different reaction to the book than I did.)

Were you actively avoiding Frankenstein, or had you just never gotten around to picking it up?

Actively avoiding for two reasons:

1) scary movies with Boris Karloff
2) Association with English literature classes.

A despising of this period of poetry especially Percy Shelley and Lord Byron. My apologies to Mary for unfairly judging her by the company she kept.

What did you know about Frankenstein before you picked it up?

Whatever scary movies or satires I had seen on television.

Did anything about Frankenstein surprise you?

1) the author's insight into the pain of losing loved ones
2) the author's insight into humanity needing to feel compassion from its creator
3) the author's insight into each person's need for acceptance and love
4) Dr. Frankenstein was a stupid jerk!

Are you glad I "made" you read it?

I suppose so. Now I can at least say that I have read it. I thought the same thing when I read David Copperfield.

Can you understand now why Frankenstein is my favorite book?

Not really. But maybe this is a book you must read several times to find out all the different meanings.

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Laura's Reviews said...

Great interview! I wish I could get my Mom to pick up some of my favorite books.

I still haven't read Frankenstein . . . I need to pick it up one of these days!

Suko said...

This post made me smile.

tanita✿davis said...

You and your Mom are totally funny! What a challenge! My Mom and I have completely different reading habits; she'd probably enjoy Frankenstein while I wouldn't as much. Wish she had time to do something like this.

Ceri said...

Haha, aww, that was cute. Guess your mum didn't quite feel the same way you do about Frankenstein? :P At least she gave it a go. :-D

Heidenkind said...

How fun! My mom and I have pretty different reading tastes, but it might be fun to do this with her (although I'm sure we would drive one another bat-crazy during the interview).