Monday, September 21, 2009

The Other Mr. Darcy

Fairview, Monica. 2009. The Other Mr. Darcy. Sourcebooks. 368 pages. October 2009 release.

Caroline Bingley sank to the floor, her silk crepe dress crumpling up beneath her.

Can Monica Fairview do the seemingly impossible task of making Caroline Bingley a sympathetic, likable heroine? I think she does--and does it well!--in The Other Mr. Darcy. Who is this "other" Mr. Darcy? He is a Mr. Robert Darcy. An American cousin. A cousin "trapped" in England for the duration of the war. This Mr. Darcy serves as messenger and escort. You see, poor Elizabeth Darcy (nee Bennet) has miscarried, and Mr. Darcy has arrived to let Charles and Jane know. Elizabeth wants her sister Jane. And since Louisa (minus the snoozing husband whom Fairview conveniently killed off before page one) and Caroline live with Charles and Jane, well, they're there for the news as well. Charles and Jane ride on ahead--but Mr. Darcy remains behind to stay with Caroline and Louisa. The three (plus a mystery guest whom Caroline insists on inviting) will join the others at Pemberley in a week or so.

Is it love at first sight for Robert and Caroline? What do you think? There's something about this couple that just works. I hesitate to tell you too much more than that. It's a surprisingly delightful read. One that had me smiling in many places. One that left me satisfied. One of the things that pleased me about this one is that it is a clean read.

Definitely recommended for those that can't get enough of Pride and Prejudice. (As well as for those that just love a good Regency romance.)

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Ceri said...

I'm not usually one for Austen adaptations in books but this one doesn't sound too bad. Especially as Caroline Bingley is such an interesting character - we never really know too much about her.

Anonymous said...

It really sounds like a lovely book. And making Caroline Bingley - realisticly - sympathetic, must indeed take some skill! :) L.

Amy said...

I seem to be on an Austen adaptation kick lately. I think I'll this one to the list. Thanks for the review!

monica fairview said...

Hi Becky,

Thank you for your review. I'm glad you enjoyed The Other Mr Darcy.