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The Smiley Book of Colors

The Smiley Book of Colors. Ruth Kaiser. 2012. Random House. 32 pages.

 The Smiley Book of Colors highlights some of the photos collected for the Spontaneous Smiley Project. It is also meant to be a concept book. The smiley faces are arranged or sorted by color.

The good news? The photos used in the book are engaging and interesting. While not every reader will "love" the photographs, I think they provide enough interest to make this picture book appealing--at least making it worth a browse. (I admit some of the pictures are a bit creepy looking.) The end papers provide further interest.

The bad news? Well. To be honest. I found the text a little lacking despite the boasts of the publisher's description: "Readers of all ages will appreciate the witty rhyming text, and its inspirational message about choosing happiness."  Granted, I am a bit picky when it comes to rhyming texts. And I admit that I can be hard to please when it comes to rhyming verses--if they don't have rhythm, if they don't have good flow, if they feel too forced or are too over-the-top with sentiment, then I have a hard time getting past it. 
Smile! Be happy!
It's contagious--
Like the good feeling you'll get
From these smiley-filled pages.

You'll find smileys
Wherever you turn....
We've found that happiness
Is something you learn.

Decide to notice,
And smileys appear.
You'll giggle! You'll laugh!
You'll grin ear to ear!

Smile! Be happy!
You get to pick--
When something is icky,
Do you focus on ick?
The text didn't bother me horribly at the first. But by the end of this one, I was tired of it. Some verses or stanzas really annoyed me. Of course, it is all subjective. And I suppose there may be readers out there of various ages who don't mind the text and may even like it.

Read The Smiley Book of Colors
  • If you love looking at photographs OR taking photographs. The camera lens is used creatively to see the world, and it may inspire you to take your own photographs and start your own project. 
  • If you are looking for a quirky color-concept book.
  • If you like bright, sentimental rhyming books with a positive outlook.

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