Friday, June 01, 2012

The Secret Adversary

The Secret Adversary. Agatha Christie. 1922/2012. HarperCollins. 352 pages.

 I enjoyed The Secret Adversary. I have read Agatha Christie's novels out of order, without much of a plan. So I've read many of her later novels first. This is my first Tommy and Tuppence novel, however.

I definitely liked it. It has a certain charm to it, I suppose. This first novel introduces readers to the two characters, and introduces a romance between the two. A romance that perhaps seems obvious, but, a somewhat sweet romance nonetheless.

World War I has not been over that long when the novel opens, and both Tommy and Prudence (Tuppence) are continuing to make adjustments now that the war is over and their service has ended. (She was a nurse, I believe.) These two happen to bump into one another one day. And they happen to have a conversation. Their conversation is overheard by a gentleman, a man who assumes Tommy and Tuppence know more than what they in fact do, know a BIG secret somewhat connected to the early days of the War. A secret concerning the identity of Jane Finn. When this man approaches Prudence, all of their lives are changed...

Essentially, Tuppence and Tommy team up (with a few others for help now and then) to solve a mystery, to find out about a woman's identity, to trace her, to trace some important documents. Their adventure is dangerous. Both will risk their lives to find out the truth.

I liked this one. I didn't quite love it. But I did like it.

Read The Secret Adversary
  • If you're a fan of Agatha Christie
  • If you love mystery/spy novels
  • If you want to read one of Christie's earlier novels
  • If you love mysteries with a historical feel to them

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Beth said...

I love agatha christie! I should read her again. Thank you so much for reminding me and sharing this review. :D

Sherry said...

D--ned with faint praise! I prefer Poirot and Miss Marple myself.

Becky said...

I tried so hard to like this one properly. But. There's just no comparing it with Christie's other works starring beloved detectives :)

Sarah the Cat Lady said...

I really love this Agatha Christie. This was her second book I believe. I like how it is not only a mystery book but also a spy novel. It is a cute read!

Amy said...

I'm another who loves Agatha Christie, but not Tommy and Tuppence. Give me Poirot and Marple!

RaipurFlorist said...
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Chris Thompson said...

I've just finished reading my first Christie, a Poirot novel, Cat Among the Pigeons, and I liked it. By the sounds of your review and the comments perhaps I'll save Tommy and Tuppence for later.

Menagerie Soaps said...

I love Agatha Christie also. Never read Tommy and Tuppence. Thanks for the review!