Friday, July 20, 2012

Gods and Warriors (MG)

Gods and Warriors. Michelle Paver. 2012. Penguin. 320 pages.

The shaft of the arrow was black and fletched with crow feathers, but Hylas couldn't see the head because it was buried in his arm. 

 If you love action and adventure, you should really consider picking up Michelle Paver's new book, Gods and Warriors. This middle grade novel is set in ancient Greece during the Bronze Age. It stars a young boy, Hylas, who may or may not fulfill prophecy. But he isn't the only one readers will meet, two other (human) characters have a role to play: Telamon, the son of a chieftain and Hylas' best friend at the start of the novel, and Pirra, a young girl betrothed to Telamon against her wishes. The other star of this one is not human, she is a dolphin named Spirit.

I loved this one!!! I just loved it! I loved learning about Hylas, Telamon, and Pirra; but especially about Hylas and Pirra. It was very interesting to see this relationship develop. For they are thrown together in desperation. Both needing the other to survive, both having strengths and weaknesses, both uncertain about so many things. It was interesting to see how circumstances helped them come to trust one another, to become friends despite their differences. I also loved Spirit, the dolphin, who has a very significant role in the novel!

Action, adventure, and drama!!! This one has it all. I'd definitely recommend it!

Read Gods and Warriors
  • If you like action/adventure stories with light touches of fantasy and mythology
  • If you like plot-driven stories with fast pacing
  • If you are looking for a new series to begin

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Debi said...

Totally need to buy this one for the elder son! Sounds like he'd love it. Thanks, Becky!