Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Charity Girl (1970)

Charity Girl. Georgette Heyer. 1970/2008. Sourcebooks. 282 pages. [Source: Review copy]

Charity Girl is a pleasant but not outstanding historical romance. Viscount Desford (first name, Ashley) "rescues" a young "orphan" girl named Charity. Cherry has been staying with her aunt, but, she's had enough and is desperate enough to travel on her own to London in search of a grandfather she's never met. He takes her with him to London, drives straight to her grandfather's residence and discovers much too late that he has left town. He decides right then and there to take her to Henrietta's house and place her in her keeping. Henrietta is his good, good friend. The families, at one time at least, were hoping the two lifelong friends would make a match of it. He begins the search for the grandfather on his own. The whole book focuses in on his search to find her family, find someone who cares about her. Now and then readers learn of Henrietta and Cherry and what they've been doing, but, not that often. His adventures aren't packed with action and excitement so much as dialogue and travel updates. By the end, there is some life to be found in the novel. Cherry's father whom everyone believed to be dead returns and he's always a step or two before or a step or two behind Desford. I enjoyed this one well enough to keep reading. It wasn't a slow read for me. But it lacks some of the liveliness and fun of previous Heyer novels. It didn't WOW me.

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