Thursday, January 01, 2015

Looking Ahead to 2015

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: "Gabrielle lisante" and "Liseuse a la Venus"
Happy New Year! In 2014, I became more organized in my reviewing. I thought I would continue along the same lines in 2015.
  • Mondays. Alternating historical fiction and nonfiction; all audiences (mg, ya, adult)
  • Tuesdays. Specultative fiction. Science fiction and fantasy; all audiences (mg, ya, adult)
  • Wednesdays. Alternating "war" reads (World War I, World War II. both fiction and nonfiction) with vintage between-the-war reads*; all audiences (mg, ya, adult)
  • Thursdays. Free days! (mg, ya, adult) 
  • Fridays. Free days! (mg, ya, adult)
  • Saturdays. Dedicated to young readers. Reviews of board books, picture books, early readers, early chapter books, etc. I'LL BE REVIEWING A DR. SEUSS BOOK EACH AND EVERY SATURDAY in 2015. I'll be approaching his books chronologically.
  • Sundays. Each Sunday has a theme of sorts.
  1. First Sunday: New-to-Me Series. Series can be any genre for any audience (mg, ya, adult)
  2. Second Sunday: Children's Classics. Children's Award Winners.
  3. Third Sunday: Victorian Classics 
  4. Fourth Sunday: Revisiting Favorites** or My Year with OSC
  5. Fifth Sundays: Reviewing Short Stories
*books published between 1914-1945
**I should have decided by now if my focus will be on rereads (of all sorts) OR on reading and rereading Orson Scott Card. It wouldn't just be rereading because there are plenty of his books that I haven't read yet. There are so many books I do want to reread, it would be nice to have a decided place to schedule them. But. There are so many books I haven't read yet that I do want to get to this year.

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Suko said...

Happy New Year, Becky! I always enjoy visiting your blog.