Friday, January 23, 2015

Windy Hill (1921)

The Windy Hill. Cornelia Meigs. 1921. 210 pages. [Source: Bought]

The Windy Hill by Cornelia Meigs is a 1922 Newbery Honor book. She received two more Newbery Honors for Clearing Weather and Swift Rivers. Her Invincible Louisa won the Newbery in 1934. (I plan on reading Invincible Louisa in February.)

Oliver and Janet are staying with their cousin Jasper. In the past, they've loved spending time with him. He's a real favorite. But. This visit there is something a bit off. Jasper isn't acting like himself at all. They're worried about him, and rightly so it turns out.

The book opens with Oliver escaping or running away. Jasper has arranged for them both (Oliver and Janet) to meet someone--a cousin their own age, a girl. It's the last bit that decides it for Oliver. So off he goes in bit of a mood. But he meets someone very interesting. Two people actually. A man he calls Beeman, and a girl around his own age. And the 'Beeman' is quite a storyteller. They become friends, and, he brings Janet to meet them both. They eventually confide in him their worries about Jasper...

Did I enjoy The Windy Hill? For the most part, yes. I liked the Beeman's stories best of all. These stories are adventure-packed. They also turn out to be true family stories. The book itself has some excitement--or action. The characters do more than sit around listening to stories. It concerns a flood. So plenty of drama is to be had. 

Windy Hill was a quick read. It was enjoyable enough. Perhaps not a 'must' read, but nice all the same.

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Unknown said...

Love the review! I've recently started my own review site: The Film Burrow | Films & Books

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Yes, you capture my feelings pretty well.
I'm also planning to read Invincible Louisa and possibly Swift Rivers in Feb.!