Thursday, February 09, 2017

Carve the Mark

Carve the Mark. Veronica Roth. 2017. 468 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Hushflowers always bloomed when the night was longest.

Premise/plot: Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth is YA science fiction. Two peoples share a planet, or war over a planet more like it. The Thuvhe and the Shotet. Cyra is Shotet and her currentgift feels more a curse than a gift. Hers is the gift of pain; pain builds up in her body--especially when she's emotional--and with a touch she can dispense it to another. Her brother sees her not as a person to be loved and respected but a tool or weapon. Akos is Thuvhe. His currentgift is to break the current, stop the current, with a touch. These two might never have met if he and his brother had not been kidnapped. His service to Cyra's family is far from voluntary, but these two have a common enemy: her brother.

My thoughts: I think the world she has created is vaguely interesting. It is an ice planet with two distinct cultures and languages. We hear of other planets and peoples. We even visit one--Pitha, a water planet. The two main characters are nicely done at least. What didn't quite work for me is the confusing progression of time. I didn't love this one, but, I didn't hate it either.

Like the Worthing Saga, Carve the Mark does ask some questions about the meaning of pain. The heroine is "blessed" with the "gift" of pain. She thinks of it as a curse, as does everyone around her, except perhaps for her brother who sees her pain as a blessing to him because he can manipulate her into hurting other people and watch gleefully. She's tested through struggles but eventually realizes that her pain is what makes her strong and capable and wise. 

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There's been a lot of discussion of this one online - especially regarding racist content. Justina Ireland's post explains this in detail.