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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Judy Blume. 1972. 144 pages. [Source: Bought]

First sentence: I won Dribble at Jimmy Fargo's birthday party.

Premise/plot: Peter, our hero who sees himself as a fourth grade nothing, has a little brother nicknamed FUDGE. In chapter one, Peter wins a turtle at a birthday party and introduces readers to his family and his 'biggest problem.' In chapter two, readers see Fudge's misbehavior cost his father an advertising account. (Mr. and Mrs. "Juicy-O" come to stay at their house instead of a hotel.) In chapter three, Fudge goes on a hunger strike. His desperate mother gets him to eat by allowing him to eat under the table on the a dog. In chapter four, Peter's trip to the park is SPOILED by Fudge pretending to be a bird trying to fly. He knocks his two front teeth out. In chapter five, Fudge has a birthday...and a birthday party much to Peter and his mom's regret!!!! In chapter six, Peter and Fudge spend the day in town with their mom. Fudge is stubborn unless he can be tricked into doing something just like Peter. In chapter seven, Peter and his friends work on their homework....and Peter regrets not having a lock on his door. In chapter eight, Peter's mom goes out of town and leaves her husband in charge of watching the kids. Fudge may be most Fudge-like in this chapter. HE's a MESS....and also a TV star?! In chapter nine, the weekend continues...his mom is still out of town...and his dad is clueless. In chapter ten, tragedy strikes...especially if you're fond of turtles.

My thoughts: LOVED THIS ONE. I did. I'm sure I've read it once before at some point. Or at the very least one of the books about Fudge. But it was such a TREAT to read this short, funny book. I think this is one of those practically perfect in every way books.

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