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Double Fudge

Double Fudge. Judy Blume. 2002. 224 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: When my brother Fudge was five, he discovered money in a big way.

Premise/plot: Double Fudge is the fifth book in the Fudge series by Judy Blume. Peter's younger brother, Fudge, is OBSESSED with money in this one. And that love of money is fueling his selfishness, his greed, and his rudeness. (Not that he was super polite and selfless BEFORE discovering the green stuff. He wasn't. I'm not a reader who finds Fudge's misbehavior cute or charming or funny.) Peter is embarrassed by his brother. (That isn't new either. Peter has always tried to distance himself from Fudge.) So why is this one Double Fudge? Well, it turns out that Farley Hatcher isn't the only Farley! Peter's dad's cousin and his family are introduced in this one. And one of their children shares Fudge's first, middle, and last name. They are looking to "steal" Fudge's nickname. Peter calls this other Farley, "Mini." They meet their cousins on a trip in Washington D.C., the cousins then invite themselves to STAY with them in New York City. This family is something else. Think the Flanders' family perhaps from the Simpsons? Peter also starts seventh grade in this one....

My thoughts: Plenty happens in this one. (There's at least one chapter focused on Halloween.) And I did like it. But I'm not sure the series as a whole is so wonderful that it's a must-read. A little Fudge goes a long way. Also this one might be more for actual children than adults who read children's books. In other words, adults might see Fudge for who he is....and think about how the book in terms of good and bad parenting. Children might just laugh off Fudge and see him as comic relief.

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