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Weekly Geeks 2009-11

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Is there a particular era that you love reading about? Tell us about it--give us a book list, if you'd like. Include pictures or some fun facts from that time period, maybe link to a website that focuses on that time. Educate us.

There are two time periods that I just *love* reading about. Regency England. And. World War II. But for this one I think I'm going to go with World War II.

My recommended book list

A Woman's Place by Lynn Austin
Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith
Ten Cents A Dance by Christine Fletcher
Tropical Secrets by Margarita Engle
The Green Glass Sea by Ellen Klages
On the Wings of Heroes by Richard Peck
Jimmy's Stars by Mary Ann Rodman
Don't Talk To Me About the War by David A. Adler

I have dozens more to recommend. But they all break down into sub-genres.

As for informative websites, I could refer you here. But I like focusing on women (and children) on the homefront. (That is when I'm not focused in on the Holocaust.)

Do you have a favorite book that really pulled you back in time, or perhaps gave you a special interest in that period? Include a link to a review of it on another book blog if you can find one (doesn't have to be a Weekly Geek participant).


A member of your book group, Ashley, mentions that she almost never reads Historical Fiction because it can be so boring. It's your turn to pick the book for next month and you feel it's your duty to prove her wrong. What book do you pick?

I just have to give some love to Ten Cents A Dance. I just LOVE that book. Here are some other reviews of it: Finding wonderland, Em's Bookshelf, The Ya, Ya, Yas, Bookshelves of Doom, Teen Book Review, Reviewer X, Historical Tapestry, Shelf Elf, The Book Muncher, Jen Robinson. Abby the Librarian. The Written World.

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claire 12:30 PM  

I've bookmarked your review of Ten Cents a Dance to remind me to add it to my TBR list, thanks! :D

I like the time period you chose. I might have read a few but the only one I can remember off the bat is Atonement, which I loved.

Ali 12:59 PM  

I love that you added a playlist! And I loved 10 Cents a Dance, too--it was one of the very first books I reviewed on my blog. I'm going to have to check out some of those other books you mentioned.

pussreboots 3:53 PM  

I have a bunch of big band tunes in my iTunes play list.

My post is here.

Gavin 9:07 PM  

Great list. The Green Glass Sea is one of my favorites. I've added Ten Cents a Dance to my TBR list.

Kerrie 9:25 PM  

Thoss titles are all new to me Becky.

Erika Lynn 11:26 PM  

i can't say I have read a lot of WWII books but thanks for the list. Ten Cents a Dance has been on my TBR list for a bit now.

samantha.1020 12:52 PM  

I'm adding Ten Cents A Dance to my TBR list as well. I enjoy reading books about WWII as well and am always looking for some new titles.

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