Thursday, July 12, 2007


Castellucci, Cecil. 2007. Beige.

It isn't always easy to be the daughter of a punk rock legend as Castellucci clearly shows in her newest novel, Beige. Katy, the daughter of 'The Rat', is only supposed to be visiting her famous dad for two and a half weeks while her mom goes on her research trip to South America. But when her mom's trip becomes extended, Katy realizes that she might just have to find a way to live with her dad after all. (Not that she calls him Dad.) Life is full of adjustments as she settles in to what has now become her life. Even though she never expected to have fun...she is beginning to realize that friends can come in all varieties. Lake, Lake Suck if you want to be precise, is the daughter of Sam, her dad's punk rock bandmate. Lake has been *bribed* to spend the summer hanging out with her. And while their actual friendship is a long time in coming, the girls eventually realize that they're more alike than anyone ever thought possible. Katy might just learn something during this trip...if she can relax enough to listen to herself. Katy will learn to ask herself some hard questions during the course of the novel..."who am I" type questions that will redefine her in many ways and change her perspective on life, love, and family.

This book is all about self-discovery, growing up, making friends, learning life lessons. It is a fun read, but not a 'clean' one. So stay away if fictional language, sex, alcohol and drug references frighten you.

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Sarah Miller said...

I LOVED Beige! Probably because I'm oh-sovery-beige myself. ;)