Sunday, July 29, 2007

Diary of A Would-be Princess

Green, Jessica. 2007. Diary of a Would-Be Princess.

Jillian James is a fifth-grader who is keeping a required journal for her teacher Mrs. Bright. At first the entries seem forced, but as the year progresses, Jillian seems really to get "into" this whole journaling concept. The journal shows her progress through the year, her changes which are mostly social. For example, Jillian starts out the year as a loner. She doesn't have any close friends. And she definitely doesn't have a best friend. She's definitely not popular like the princesses in her class. But through several school terms, we see her make friends with many other kids in the class. Often she makes friends with those the popular kids deem unworthy of existing. But together, they learn the true meaning of friendship. One thing I really liked about this book was that it showed her relationship with her teacher. Mrs. Bright would make weekly comments at the end of the week. She would offer advice. Provide counsel. Show support. I thought the narrative, Jillian's voice, was very well done as well. Jessica Green has captured some of the frustrations and angst of being that age...of being in school...of life in general. I especially especially loved Jillian's end-of-year speech on procrastination. Overall, this book was fun and enjoyable.

This book was originally published in Australia in 2005.


Beckyb said...

This one looks good - I hadn't heard of it! Think I'll order it for the library now though!

Becky said...

Becky, so glad to hear you might add it to the library! I think it should definitely have a place on library shelves since no one can afford to buy every good book that comes along. I know I love my local library :)

Anonymous said...

Well im just a little kid and i thought it was great! Well actually im not even done with it i bearly got it today from the library and i think it really does show how a life of a kid can be especially since im in 5th grade!LOL!

Anonymous said...

i think i will love this book. it really have what a fith grader i thinking, and i know, im one.

Anonymous said...

i am from indonesia .and i had read this book!
(the translated version in my country)
i love it!
this book really brings the emotion just the way Jillian feels.

*PS ; sorry for bad english!

Anonymous said...

I love this book it is so cool Omg
And i wish i was still a fifth grader

LOL ill always keep reading it over and over agian