Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Broken Moon

Antieau, Kim. 2007. Broken Moon.

Set in Pakistan, Broken Moon is the emotional story of a brother and sister in crisis. Nadira is a young teen girl (14? 15?) who has been badly scarred by some of the villagers as revenge against her older brother. (Someone claimed her brother 'ruined' his sister...therefore, they will do the same to his sister.) Umar, her younger brother, was still a baby when this occurred. So her scarred face is the one he knows and loves best. The family has been through hard times, her father has since died. Her mother and brother are living with her aunt and uncle and cousins. But Nadira works for another family as a servant. It is a job she is thankful for since she is really the only one that can provide for her family now. Her older brother (or is it brothers?) has been neglecting his responsibility to his family for years. He doesn't care that his mother and siblings are living in complete poverty.

When Nadira's brother Umar is sold to traders to become a camel jockey, she is determined to fight for her brother. She cannot understand how anyone--especially someone they knew--could agree to sell another human being. So Nadira disguises herself as a boy and also becomes desert-bound to be a camel jockey. She is hoping that she will be able to find her brother and find a way for them both to be free.

It is a dangerous journey, a dangerous lifestyle. With only a little hope and a lot of desperation and determination, it is up to Nadira to save her family and make a better life for everyone. Can the will of one woman really be that strong?


soleil said...

wow. what an intriguing story. you review so many great books that my tbr list has grown exponentially. thanks for the continuous flow of great suggestions!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great book, another added to my wishlist. :)

Anonymous said...

Nadira is 18 in this book, but no one really believes she is that old because of her petite size.

Unknown said...

This book was so amazing, I loved every page of it! It was all so inspiring, and its so amazing that the love of someone can drive you to ends of the earth to get them back! Love, love, love it!!!

Anonymous said...

We had to read this book for my english class.
It was extremely boring. I wouldn't recommend it.