Monday, July 23, 2007

Grief Girl

Vincent, Erin. 2007. Grief Girl: My True Story

Erin Vincent suffered great loss as a young teen--the loss of both of her parents.

I am just like you.
I get bored in school.
I goof off with my friends.
I fight with my family.
I have big dreams.
I am just like anyone else.
And then, in a split second, I'm not.
This is my story

It is a coming-of-age in the midst of grief story. It tells how Erin and her older sister, Tracy, and her baby brother, Trent, deal with the loss of their parents. How their lives change and don't change. It begins in 1983 and concludes in 1986. It's about family. It's about friendships. It's about first jobs. It's about growing up and finding yourself.

It is an emotional book. There are highs and lows in her journey to adulthood. And there are places along the way that are difficult to read about. But overall, I think it is a well written book that many will enjoy reading.

We get sent ugly flowers. The kind you only send to dead people because no one living should have to look at such crap. The house is full of unattractive carnations. Vases of flowers line Dad's bar...They're laughing at me. I'm living in a funeral home. (43)

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