Friday, July 20, 2007

Poetry Friday: 2 for Tossy

Today I am 'dedicating' two poems to my nephew-kitty, Tossy. The first one comes from Nikki Grimes' new book, When Gorilla Goes Walking. It is a picture book poetry collection of poems about a gray cat named Gorilla and her owner, Cecilia.

Little Miss Fussy

by Nikki Grimes

Gorilla is fussy
about what she eats.
She turns up her nose
at the usual treats.

Forget the canned fish,
and chicken, and liver.
Gorilla likes soul food,
so that's what I give her.

Tossy certainly doesn't eat soul food. But he does love cheese. And ham. And chicken-and-dumplings. And pizza. And yogurt. And ice cream. And sour cream. And cool whip. And milk. And he definitely lets you know he wants your food. Which leads me to my second poem...

Under The Table Manners

Author Unknown

It's very hard to be polite
If you're a cat.
When other folks are up at table
Eating all that they are able,
You are down upon the mat
If you're a cat.

You're expected just to sit
If you're a cat.
Not to let them know you're there
By scratching at the chair,
Or a light, respected pat
If you're a cat.

You are not to make a fuss
If you're a cat.
Tho' there's fish upon the plate
You're expected just to wait,
Wait politely on the mat
If you're a cat.

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