Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sssh: The Great Cape Rescue

Shalant, Phyllis. 2007. The Society of Super Secret Heroes: The Great Cape Rescue.

Finch and his three best friends, Elliot, Rajiv, and Kevin, are enthusiastic superheroes wannabes. They spend their free time writing and illustrating the comic book adventures of two superhero ferrets. But Mimi, Finch's older sister, teases him that now he's about to be in fourth grader, he shouldn't pretend anymore. After all, wouldn't his classmates tease him if they knew the he and his friends spent all summer pretending to be superheroes with super powers? So reluctantly, Finch sees that maybe some times are best left at home. No more playground fun as superheroes.

But a 'mysterious' towel has other ideas. As a child, his mother bought Finch a green towel with lightning bolts and sewn on strings. A cape to make any superhero proud. But those days are long behind him, he thinks. But then he starts hearing a strange voice in his head. And then, his friends start hearing this mystery voice too. Could this towel be the incredible Thinking Cape?

4 fourth grade boys, 1 glorified green towel, and 1 secret oath make for a very funny, lighthearted read that many youngsters will enjoy.

I promise to do my best to help others at all times, to fight only for truth and justice, never for selfish or evil ends, but to solve problems by thinking, not fighting, whenever I can. As a member of the Society of Super Secret Heroes, I will carry out all missions without ever letting anyone know that it was me. I will protect the Thinking Cape from falling into the hands of ordinary people. And most of all, I will keep my true identity hidden and the SSSh a secret until I die. (62-63)

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