Friday, July 13, 2007

Poetry Friday: Phyllis

There have been many people in my life who have encouraged, supported, and inspired me. Dr. Phyllis Bridges is one such person. Not many professors can inspire respect, fear, and loyalty. But Dr. Bridges can and does. She is more than a mentor, she is my friend. I love her for so many reasons. And this poem expresses some of the reasons why.


By Judith Viorst

You knew me when I didn't know myself
And when I lose myself you find me.
Whenever things get bad
And I forget the good I've had,
You help remind me.

I tell you of my joys. My joys increase.
I tell my sorrows. They diminish.
And when I want to quit
You keep me going, bit by bit,
Until I finish.

Friendship is an art and you have made
The act of friendship your great art form.
I know that I can bear
The biggest chill because you're there
To keep my heart warm.

The poem is from Judith Viorst's Sad Underwear and Other Complications.

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