Saturday, May 10, 2008

6 Random Things

6 Random Things About Me...

1) I just picked up THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer for 64 cents. (List price $25.99) I'm pretty excited about that one. I had $15 Border bucks & a 40% off coupon. Just one of the many many reasons I love Borders Rewards in conjunction with e-Rewards. To generalize it a bit, you could say I love book bargains.

2) I'm really loving this month's discussion of Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer. It is NOT too late to join in! It is available in paperback now. And rumor has it--though my local Borders didn't have it yet--that The Dead and The Gone, the companion novel is out and about nearly a month early. It's definitely already shipping from Amazon.

3) I've had the same email account (yahoo) now for eleven years. It's hard to believe how much some things stay the same, yet how much other things change.

4) I'm hosting the Heart of A Child challenge. The end date is July 14th. I chose that date--not to be morbid--because that's the day my grandmother died. (2000 for those that are wondering) and therefore in many ways that date does mark the end of my childhood. Death just has a way of changing you when it touches your life. She died before I had a chance to really find myself, to come of age, to really get comfortable in my own skin...and I often wonder what she'd think of the person I've become.

5) Speaking of grandparents, I love old people. I know that sounds so wrong in some ways. But I do. I'm always seeking to fill the void left in my life by my grandparents. I'm always looking for surrogate grandparents--or great aunts and great uncles. This is one of the reasons why I love intergenerational books. Books that show young people interacting and loving and connecting with older folks. Like Notes From A Midnight Driver by Jordan Sonnenblick, for example. Or Hit The Road by Caroline B. Cooney. And why I love movies like Return to Me. So when I people watch, I look for old people--especially little old men with hats on--and babies. I love babies.

6) I find audio books hard to listen to most of the time. I can really only enjoy listening if I've already read the book. It is only as a repeat, a reread that I can enjoy it enough to follow along. I think it's because I read so much faster than a person can read aloud. My brain doesn't like having to slow down so much, and it becomes bored and subtracted.

If you want to do the meme, do it. I think it's been floating around long enough that I can't think of anyone to single out. :)


Susan said...

Okay, I did NOT know that e-rewards and Borders were linked up like that. I do the e-rewards emails, but never pay attention to how much I earn. I am going over their RIGHT NOW to check it out - thanks for the head's up! Do you do MyPoints? I use that program to "buy" books from Amazon.

Anyway, fun meme. It's always fun to learn new, quirky things about people.

Becky said...

Yes, they're connected. They're just one of many sponsors for e-Rewards. But you can take your $15 of eRewards and cash them into Border Bucks. But of course you've got to be a member of both programs to take advantage of it.

I did join MyPoints. I remember you posted about it a few weeks or a month ago. But since I don't spend money--my earning is limited to 5 points a day reading email. It would help if the MyPoints search engine would be Mac compatible. You're supposed to earn points per search. Evil Windows! Not that I'm horribly bitter. But they don't advertise the fact that they're not really mac friendly before you sign up.

Anonymous said...

The companion novel to Life as we knew it sounds great.

Fun meme - I love randomness :)