Saturday, May 17, 2008

Once Upon A Prom: Dress

Le Ny, Jeanine. 2008. Once Upon A Dream: Dress.

This is the middle novel in the trilogy 'Once Upon A Prom' focusing on a trio of girls: Jordan, Tara, and Nisha. I don't know quite what to say honestly. It's incomplete at best. Meaning there is no resolution. This is the novel where everything falls apart, where conflicts are introduced one after another after another for all three narrators. The focus is still on proms, dating, and boys. And of course there is emphasis on friendship--how much can it withstand secrets and lies and betrayals (or supposed betrayals) and stress.

On its own, it's not much. With the other two, perhaps, there is something of value. I haven't read the third one yet. It somehow got separated from the first two--so it might take some digging through the boxes to find. So I'll let you know more when I've finished the series.

The good? For teens (younger teens especially) that love soap-opera type action--melodrama--then this series will probably be fun for you. It could work. But for young teens (12-14???) dreaming of high school days this could work.

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Unknown said...

i just read this book and i thought it was very good. It kept my attention and i never wanted to put it down! I think that this is a good book for the "girly-girls" out there! Give it a try! I'm sure you will love it!

Unknown said...

I really liked this book. Even though, I am not very "girly". It was really funny at times. Tara is my favorite character. =] Good job with this book. =D

Anonymous said...

i read this book and i would give it three stars out of five. it wasnt the best book i read but it wasnt the worst. i have to do a book review on this and i forgot Nisha's "supposed to be prom date" name. his name began with a R or something like that. by any chance can anyone help tell me his name? thanks a lot! :)