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Magic and Other Misdemeanors

Buckley, Michael. 2007. The Sisters Grimm: Magic and Other Misdemeanors.

Typically, I'm not a big fan of prologues. However, Michael Buckley's Sisters Grimm series always proves to be the exception to the rule. With just a page or two, he draws you into some rather intense and emotional scenes...whetting your appetite for more while never revealing too much. Even though I've seen the smallest glimpse of what is coming, I'm still on the edge of my seat. The books are always so action-packed, adventure-fulled, and suspensefully tantalizing that I've just got to read more.

Sabrina, Daphne, and Puck are back! It's always so interesting (to me) to see what trouble these three get in and out of in each novel. For those that may be new to the series, you should definitely read them in order. (This is the fifth novel.) But here's a brief refresher course. Sabrina and Daphne are sisters who have come to stay with their grandmother--Granny Relda--in the small town of Ferryport Landing. The three are descendants of the ever-famous Brothers Grimm. The town is a town where Everafters live--Prince Charming, Snow White, Three Little Pigs, Three Blind Mice, Rapunzel, etc.--and the Grimms are their keepers. They guard the town; they guard these fairy tale creatures from escaping the town's boundaries and preventing some of the darker ones from wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting world. This doesn't always make them popular. Some love them. Some hate them. Granny Relda is training her two granddaughters. And that gives you some idea of what these novels are about. They're intense-but-wacky treats for young readers. Action. Mystery. Humor.

Magic and Other Misdemeanors is about many things--their ongoing quest to save the girls' parents from their enchanted sleep, their ongoing quest to uncover the mysteries of the Scarlet Hand gang, about their adventures trying to save some burglaries of some local witches, and their troubles with the new city government and their new tax problem. The book is exciting. I'm not sure every reader will be as *thrilled* with the time elements. But they made my day. They really did.

The others in the series: The Fairy Tale Detectives, The Unusual Suspects, The Problem Child, and Once Upon A Crime. The sixth book Tales From the Hood came out May 1rst. My review will be coming soon, I promise!

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Melissa said...

My girls were incredibly excited when they learned the 6th book was out! (Unfortunately, it's not at the library, yet...) The books in the series are getting better...

BTW, I tagged you for the latest meme that's going around.