Friday, June 20, 2008

31 Challenges completed so far!!!!

Seafaring Challenge
Four-Legged Friends Challenge
The Sci-Fi Experience
Winter Reading Challenge (Rock Creek Rumblings)
Hometown Reading Challenge
Winter Reading Challenge (Inksplasher)
Zora Neale Hurston Mini-Challenge
Speculative Fiction
Young Adult Challenge (Thoughts of Joy)
First in A Series
Young Readers Challenge
Banned Books Challenge
D.E.A.R. Reading Challenge
Royalty Rules Challenge
The Novella Challenge
Young Adult Literature Challenge (Shady Glade)
Eponymous Reading Challenge
Reading Full Circle
Jewish Literature Reading Challenge
Expanding Horizons Challenge
Book Awards Challenge
Margaret A. Edwards Challenge
Twisted Fairy Tale Challenge
Series Challenge
Spring Reading Challenge
Book Binge
Spring Reading Thing
Once Upon A Time II
Midsummer Night's Challenge
48 Hour Readathon Challenge
Romance Reading Challenge Completed
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Debi said...

Oh sure, Becky...just rub it in! :)

Stephanie said...

My thoughts exactly!!

You Rock, Becky!

Ana S. said...

wow're amazing!

Unknown said...

And I was proud of myself for completing 6...! Go you!