Sunday, June 08, 2008

I may be taking a mini-break

I may or may not be an active blogger over the next few days. *(I will still be checking email at least two to three times a day if anyone needs to get in touch.)*The Readathon has me more than a little drained. And I did get a migraine (bother, bother, bother) earlier this afternoon. If I feel up to it, then you may see me around. Otherwise, expect more reviews around Wednesday or so.

This won't effect Becky's Online Reading Group. I've got the next edition ready to cut and paste and publish. :)

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Barbara O'Connor said...

I have to give you a major high five! You can do some readin'! And you can do some reviewin'! Amazing!! You are a reading/reviewing MACHINE.


Darcie said...

That is completely understandable!! Hope you are feeling better - I have put 3 books you read on my TBR list!! Maybe I will read some of them for Dewey's 24 hour marathon.

maggie moran said...

You desire this rest. I hope your headache goes away soon.

Jill said...

Hmmm...maybe I'll finally get caught up on my Google Reader blogs! :-)

You are an amazing reader AND blogger - I have no idea how you manage it! But breaks are a good thing. Feel better, and see you soon!