Saturday, June 14, 2008

Out of the Wild

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Durst, Sarah Beth. 2008. Out of the Wild.

Out of the Wild is the sequel to 2007's Into the Wild. Linda, the evil librarian, is back in this second volume. Her evil plan? Not so obvious to our young heroine, Julie, but that could be because she's in a state of shock. Julie has grown up without her dad. Her mom, Rapunzel, couldn't rescue her prince of a husband from the Wild. Julie has always wondered about her fairy tale dad. Wondered what it would be like to have him be a part of her life. She's about to have her dream come true. One day--completely out of the blue--her dad stumbles out of the Wild (it's still leaving underneath her bed) to be reunited with his family. They're happy to see him, but also puzzled. The Wild has never ever "let" anyone go before. What could it all mean? Is this good news or bad news? So they're off to see Rapunzel's mum, the former witch, the guardian of the wishing well.

Long story short, Julie's got her dad. However, all is not well. The Wild especially feeds on fairy tale characters reenacting fairy tale scenes. But her dad can't help himself. If he sees a glass slipper on the ground, he's got to try it on a maiden's foot. If he sees a beautiful princess in distress, he must rescue her. If he sees a wolf gobble down a young girl, he must save her. But these events aren't just accidents, aren't just coincidences. Someone has an evil plot. And since her mom and grandmother were turned into's up to Julie to save the day.

Can she once again battle the Wild without becoming trapped herself?  Can she stop the Wild from enslaving, entrapping, all of America? You'll have to read and see for yourself!

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