Saturday, June 28, 2008

Coraline the Graphic Novel

I read the novel Coraline last summer. This was my initial review:
Coraline is an interesting but odd book. The main character, Coraline--never call her Caroline unless you want to get on her bad side--is a young girl who loves adventure. She loves to explore. She loves to hunt out adventure. One day she gets a little more than she bargained for. When Coraline unlocked the ‘fourteenth’ door in her house, she opens up a magical but dangerous world. This other world has her other mother and other father. This seems like fun for a few hours. But soon Coraline is weirded out by the whole otherness of the experience and wants to go home. The problem? The other mother is pure evil and is not going to let her go easily. Sure Coraline makes her get away easily the first time. But that’s only because this other mother knows she’ll be back. When Coraline returns to the real world, she finds her parents are missing. Vanished. But Coraline has a feeling--a bad feeling--that it is all her fault. Could her other mother have kidnapped her parents in order to force her to return? Can she find a way to save her parents--and other lost souls--without losing her own? One exciting, slightly creepy, adventure has begun!
As much as I enjoyed the novel, I loved the graphic novel that much more. It made the spooky parts that much spookier. It just translated really really really well into the graphic novel format. The color artwork by P. Craig Russell is great.

Highly recommended.

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Ana S. said...

You liked it even more than the novel? I will definitely have to check it out!