Sunday, June 08, 2008


Osterlund, Anne. 2008. Aurelia.

This one was enjoyable. (It wasn't a perfect read, but it held my interest to the very end. The ending I was only ho-hum about.) For those looking for fiction with a fairy-tale-esque feel, then you should definitely consider Aurelia. Someone in the kingdom of Tyralt is out to kill the princess, Aurelia, already three attempts have been made on her life. Robert, the son of a former spy, takes on the role of protector, friend, and suitor in this oh-so-delicious novel. This one has most everything: a king blind to the truth, a cold and resentful stepmother/Queen, a bratty step-sister, and a love that goes beyond socioeconomic 'class' or status. There is a mystery, a mystique about everything.

First sentence of prologue: Death disturbed the night.
First sentence of chapter one: On the night of her younger sister's coming-out party, Aurelia almost died. Of boredom.

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