Sunday, June 29, 2008

Frozen Fire

Bowler, Tim. 2008. Frozen Fire.

"I'm dying," said the voice. Dusty clutched the phone. She had no idea who this was. A boy about her own age, by the sound of him--fifteen, sixteen, maybe a bit older. (1)

Frozen Fire is a psychological thriller that is fast-paced, tension-filled, and just unputdownable. Dusty, the girl receiving the phone call, is a great narrator. She has more questions than answers, and her choices aren't always the wisest choices--the choices we as readers would likely make--but she's so likable. She's a young teen struggling with some hard losses in her life--the mysterious disappearance of her brother, Josh, and the loss of her mother. Her mother walked out on her and her dad after Josh vanished. Living with just her dad, Dusty wants to believe the best about a mysterious young man who seems to haunt her. There's no reason to trust him, and every logical reason not to...and yet Dusty can't help feeling drawn to this stranger that is so out-of-this-world strange.

Weird. Strange. Supernatural. Whatever you want to call it, if you pick it up, you probably won't be able to put it back down...

Winner of the Hull Book Award, 2007

Winner of the Highland Book Award, 2007

Winner of the Redbridge Book Award, 2007

Winner of the Stockport Schools Book Award 2007

Winner of the South Lanarkshire Book Award 2008

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Darcie said...

I am beginning to see a pattern here - Becky reads Darcie TBR list grows and grows!! :) LOL! I am putting this on my list...and Since I have joined the award winning challenge this might be read this year!! LOL! BTW - I am trying to recruit more people to the Host book club!! :)

Anonymous said...

So, could there be a connection between the boy and her brother? :))