Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Travel the World: Australia: Cat

Cat Cover

Dumbleton, Mike. 2008. Cat. Illustrated by Craig Smith. Published by Kane/Miller.

Sometimes simple is a good thing. Such is the case with CAT by Mike Dumbleton, a picture book illustrated by Craig Smith and published by Kane/Miller. Cat is simple, predictable, and for cat-lovers at least, a nice and pleasurable read. How simple is simple? Here are the first few pages: Cat. Dog. Dog. Cat. Tall Tree. Thank Goodness for that! Through sequences that are predictable but action-filled, Cat is just a fun read especially for the youngest of readers. Those on the border between being read to and reading on their own. (Personally, I think this would be great for those beginning to learn to read.) If you're little one loves cats, I would think this would be a great choice.

Quoting from Amazon's product description, Cat illustrates that,

"A cat's life is not all fun and games, or even all milk and mice. With very few words used to convey all kinds of action, Mike Dumbleton's sparse yet descriptive text joins perfectly with Craig Smith's whimsical illustrations. Cat will have young listeners on the edges of their seats, ready to join Cat...thank goodness for that!"

From the author's website: "Enter the world of Cat and discover how exciting, exhausting and downright dangerous life for this fearless feline can be!"

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Debi said...

Oh Becky, thank you! This sounds like such a "Max" book! I just checked and our library doesn't have it, so I went ahead and ordered it.

Sondra Santos LaBrie said...


Thanks for mentioning this book. I finally shared it with my 4-year-old who was so excited that he could read it to me!