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The Lost Queen


Jones, Frewin. 2007. The Lost Queen. (Book Two of the Faerie Path.

In The Faerie Path by Frewin Jones, we met a young teen girl, 15-almost-16, named Anita who at the beginning seemed quite ordinary.

From my first review: But on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, something big happens that changes everything. It all starts with a boat accident. It ends with several missing teenagers that disappeared from the hospital. Anita transformed, if you will, into Tania on her sixteenth birthday. She is the seventh daughter of the royal faerie couple Oberon and Titania. She'd been missing from the world of Faerie for around five hundred years give or take a few. And her disappearance had made quite an impact--a horrible awful no good impact--on the land and on her parents. But she somehow magically made it back. Tania was back, that's all that seemed to matter. Her mother, Titania, was missing. Her father was unhappy. Her sisters mostly good except for that one that was up to no good...

At the end of The Faerie Path, Tania along with Edric, whom we first met as Evan, choose to return to the land of mortals. Tania wants to find her mother and be able to bring her back. But she also wants to return to her own parents. Tania realizes that her disappearance from this world, this mortal world, from the hospital in particular would be heartbreaking to her parents.

Thus opens The Lost Queen. Tania/Anita is back home with her mortal parents. She's in BIG BIG BIG trouble for disappearing. And she's not allowed to see her boyfriend, Evan, anymore outside of play rehearsals. (If you remember, the two are playing Romeo and Juliet.) She's having some difficulty fitting back into the mortal way of life--school, friends, dating, parents, etc. Especially since at the same time she's supposed to be behaving herself and earning back her parents' trust she's supposed to be tracking down her mother. She has her suspicions--and they are soon confirmed--that it must have been her mother (alive and well) who sent her that mysterious birthday present that wakened this faerie self that had been dormant for so many years.

Full of action, adventure, and some romance, The Lost Queen is an exciting sequel.

Note: If you've read the first one but it's been a while, you can probably pick this one up and go on. There is a very nice two or three page summary that tells you everything you need to know.

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